Jan Blažej Santini-Aichel

There’s probably no other art that influences the Czech landscape as much as the baroque architecture. Its masterpieces enrich panoramas of our cities and villages. They fill countryside with rhythm and harmony. One of the famous architects was also the founder of the phenomenon of the Czech Baroque Gothic – his name was Jan Blažej Santini-Aichel (but he is mostly known under the short form of his surname: Santini). This website is dedicated to his life and architecture.

We are grateful to all authors whose work was used as the source of information. First and foremost it is the late professor Mojmír Horyna who inspired us with his exceptional knowledge and personality.

The information and texts on this website are only selective and can be updated based on your own knowledge and experience. The content should be as comprehensive, variable and meaningful as the works of Jan Blažej Santini-Aichel.