St Wenceslas Church

1713 - 1717, reconstruction and partial new building; investor Vaclav Vejmluva, Abbot of Cistercian Monastery in Zdar nad Sazavou

zvole-pudorysOriginally medieval St Wenceslas Church was considerably in disrepair at the beginning of the 18th century. Santini implemented its reconstruction as a part of the whole complex of renovations and completions in the area under the administration of the Zdar monastery. Together with churches in Horni Bobrova, Obyctov and Zdar, reconstruction of St Wenceslas Church illustrates Santini's ability to apply himself responsibly also to smaller buildings of local significance. The church rebuilt in Baroque style is situated on Greek-cross-ground-plan and is marked out by a geometric scheme consisting of circles escribed and inscribed to a base square. A lantern modelled in the princely cap symbolism as the attribute of the shrine's patron, dominates the roof. The patron of the shrine, as well as the investor Vejmluva, is reminded by the “W” letter at the gable top of the western façade.


Fotogalerie Zvole
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