Prof. PhDr. Mojmír Horyna, CSc.

mojimir-horyna(* 1945, † 2010) was a Czech historian of art. He studied history of art at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague as well as in Graz. He was mainly interested in baroque art and the 19th century, architectural development of Prague and preservation of cultural monuments. From 1969 to 1970 he worked in the National Gallery in Prague, spent the following year in the Centre for Preservation of Historical Monuments in Pardubice and had worked in the atelier of building-historical research of National Institute for reconstruction of monumental towns and objects in Prague since 1972. He came back to National Gallery for two years in 1988 and had taught been director at Faculty of Arts of Charles University in the Institute of Art History. He became professor in History of Art in 2000 and had been Vice-Rector of Charles University since 2006.

Mojmír Horyna published many studies in professional magazines or proceedings, he was a co-author of several significant collected books and was concerned with several exhibitions on Czech baroque art. Professor Horyna was considered the best expert at work of art by J. B. Santini-Aichel. He had been chairman of Scientific Council for National Preservation of Historical Monuments, the top advisory board of Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic by the year 2006.


On the occasion of Horyna's sixtieth birthday, a bust by Oldrich Karban was unveiled in Marianska Tynice in 2005, as an expression of gratitude to the “spiritual father” of reconstruction of this monument.


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