Panenske Brezany

Chapel St. Anna

panenske-brezany-pudorysOne of the most complex and yet perfectly understandable works of the artist’s earliest period is a chapel built in the park of the summer residence of the Benedictine nuns of Hradcany in Panenske Brezany. It was realized between 1705–1707 and is the oldest example of beam central in Santini’s work. This extremely difficult type of construction is based on the composition of the exterior and even more complicated interior space. The central aesthetic theme of the interior is the light itself, which penetrates through the windows in the lantern of the dome and creates individual clean shapes. The Chapel in Panenske Brezany is the first totally original project of an almost thirty-year-old artist, who forms his unique art with absolute certainty and sovereignty.


Fotogalerie Panenské Břežany
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