Our Activity

  • Popularization of Jan Santini Aichel personality and work of art,
  • Organizing of trips with professional comments, lectures, conferences and meetings,
  • Creation of complex presentation materials promoting Santini's personality and his individual buildings,
  • Increasing of interest and visit rate in the individual objects,
  • Presentation of the project Putování za Santinim (Following Santini's Footprints) to the public as an active and constant part of cultural and monumental offer of the Czech Republic, in cooperation with professional institutions and tourism associations.

Set of material complemented by current book named Santini was published in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, CzechTourism, Committee on Tourism of Association of Regions in the Czech Republic and other institutions. We also organize real “Following Santini's Footprints” when we guide visitors through various regional tours and present the individual buildings and their mutual relations to them. The fact that executive board is looking for new professional activists willing to guide these tours, evidence popularity of these activities.

After the fashion of foreign activities, we want to strive for including the whole Santini's work of art in the Indicative List of Cultural Monuments of the Czech Republic, and consequently aspire to its involvement among European Heritage Cultural Monuments or inscription in the UNESCO list.

We are aware that it is a courageous step, which cannot be effected without co-operation among numerous institutions. Still, there is a common and good motive for its fulfilment. We will commemorate the 300th anniversary of death of Jan Santini Aichel in 2023. Thus, there is a period in front of us when we can proudly offer Santini's heritage to the world as an “original Czech product” underestimated so far, but highly interesting though.