Kristian Schroder

Kristian Schroder (1655 Goslar Germany - 1702 Prague) was an imperial and king's painter, administrator and inspector of the Prague Castle picture gallery. Schröder did not excel in creative talent but he went down in history as a teacher of two giants – he trained Petr Brandl as well as Jan Santini Aichel in painting. During Brandl's apprenticeship, Schroder had not been member of the painters' guild yet and had not been in authority as a regular trainer. Brandl was the eighth pupil who did not finish his apprenticeship by him. Schroder entered the guild as late as in 1694. No own painting can be attributed to Schroder for a certainty today.

After Schroder's death, Santini-Aichel married his daughter Veronika Alzbeta in 1707.

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